2019 Nike Air Max 1 Premium White is Good for Summer

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With the arrival of the hot summer days, the refreshing and bright color has gradually become the first choice. Recently, a new pair of Nike Air Max 1 is on sale. The Nike Air Max 1 Premium White upper is made of ostrich leather-like grey leather with white leather with rounded polka dots. It's very high in size. Swoosh is complemented by bright blue accents, with a pure white midsole and a light blue outsole. It is refreshing and clean, perfect for summer wear. It is worth mentioning that the Swoosh side of the shoe has a sculpted hollow design, which is innovative and attractive.

2019 Cheap Jordan,When it comes to NBA rookie players in the past two years, Boston Celtics star Jayson Tatum has a good reputation in the country. Nike seems to be aware of this, and naturally attaches great importance to the design of the sneakers of the signing star "Rabbit". After our previous exposure to spy photos, the Air Max 97, which was built specifically for Tatum, was officially released today. The overall design does not highlight the Celtics, but is inspired by his high school Chaminade College Preparatory School. The upper is dressed in black, white and red, and the black and red wavy stripes bring a strong OG texture. The most eye-catching design, which is the graffiti decoration of the basketball and university elements in the middle of the shoe body, has the visual sense of classic laser color matching. With the signature of Tatum and his nickname “The Deuce” on the tongue, it is easy to see that Nike’s attention to detail has really highlighted the importance of Tatum.

2019 Mens Jordans,After leaving the BAPE chairman, Nigo created a new brand, Human Made. Pharrell Williams, who has a very good personal relationship, not only personally brought the goods to his brothers, but also joined hands with adidas to form a tripartite joint. Following the Human made x adidas Solar Hu, another new joint-name shoe adidas NMD Hu was first exposed. The shoes are the same design as the Solar Hu. They are all decorated with the iconic Heart Logo on the white floor. The overall temperament is still very simple. It is reported that these shoes will be released this autumn and winter season. As a joint project series, there may be an adidas Tennis Hu on the scene, we can wait and see.

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