Day for weeks or did not Maplestory M Mesos fork

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Day for weeks or did not Maplestory M Mesos fork over cash you would get nowhere It was a grind before with payoffs which never felt rewarding to us and thats changed So idk I like it Like I am the minority with that being said I feel but I really doMuch basic issues of MapleStoryLarger fundamental problems were masked by kishin Maple never should

have existed to begin with and has This is because the game has been behind in content updates for decades and therefore they need players to take to get to the endHave a look at the cap on meso bags It does not grow as you struggle lateendgame enemies and tender caps in Reboot early on at around k or so There is no real reason for

this cap to exist other than to slow down you If this were some other MMO that the meso would scale as you advance in the game without the need for any sort ofmoney increasing effectsWhat we need is not more spawn We want better content which equals better leveling and much better scaling andor general meso rewards akin to

present Reboot Event Ursus which needs to be Maple M Mesos a permanent change in RebootWe require a on enemies and gear The simple fact that AbsoLab still is not better than CRATyrants is inexcusable and you might need to do a blend of buffing AbsoLab and nerfing CRAT yrants CRATyrant functions unlike all other major sets in the sport to

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