What was cool about EVE Echoes be destroyed overnight

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EVE online II: With bubbles also being added it is so sad to eve echoes isk find out what was cool about EVE Echoes be destroyed overnight. Couldn't be happier, they love to garbage around new players, and Echoes was the ideal opportunity to do so.

All in all its sad to see Echoes go from"Entertaining and easy" into"Time consuming, unitractive, challenging core gate camping PVP, grind fest" that now DOES NOT CATER TO PHONE USERS. Furthermore, the game became less fun. Personally I lost the will to explore null sec, no attention in any way. And that is even when"I watch my screen" If 30 campers zap me...did the Devs offer me some kind of counter to this? Nope.

So to the devs ill say, go ahead, add your bubbles, let gate camping last. The Eve Online community will praise you, while those people who desired"Everything you offered us" was a simple, enjoyable, PHONE game...will slide away one by one. I'm quite excited to announce that I'm officially releasing the EVE Echoes Industry Calculator! I am hoping that you find the sheet to be pretty self explanatory. All pricing advice for the sheet is pulled live from the EVE Echoes Market website.

Most of the helpful market information is conveniently situated on peak of the sheet. Including the current market price in addition to calculations for feasibility of selling the component via the market or direct contract. Auto-calculation of part prices and projected market profitability. Calculations take into consideration all player driven skills such as reprocessing skills, material efficiency, and skill based tax discounts. Auto-calculation of ore amounts to mine for almost any component with two optimization strategies: Least amount of mining (lowest total ore quantity in m3). Cheapest ore cost available on the industry.

To use the sheet only change any of the outlined yellowish values and observe as the sheet updates to give you the optimal market particulars! You may experience occasional errors using the sheet if the EVE Echoes marketplace is not available to retrieve market information. I hope that you find this incredibly useful (and profitable!). Please don't hesitate to give me any comments you have in the comments. NOTE: I recommend making a private copy of the sheet. Numerous individuals editing the sheet once will conflict with one another and cause unexpected consequences.

UPDATE: I have created a new link to replicate the spreadsheet. Individuals were somehow able to make changes to my original link that broke the sheet. This will now create a personal copy for you when you navigate to it. It could take a minute for the calculations to cheap eve isk work correctly when you first load the sheet because scripts require time to load.

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