Literally no point in getting The Elder Scrolls Blades Gold better

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Literally no point in getting The Elder Scrolls Blades Gold better equipment, no gratification for whatever you do, all you can do it only talk with friends, shame everybody is simply asocial in this sport so nobody speaks, you can't find an authentic communal guild, they're all super try tough and really unfun, somebody I know attained rank 1 in cdev clears for some time, got recruited in a try hard guild and that only made them quit. ?

Its funny, once I saw this declared and finally launching after hammering it for a long time, I was decided NOT TO PLAY. I associate and bot population that is heavy and games. Every single game I have played with a horribly skewed exploitation variable and poor bot counters. Yet still, I got dragged into the match anyway, and was

horrified as someone who'd completed beta localization for MS1. I rolled out a Priest as my main and was immediately worried that level cap can be reached in one day, destroying the value and accomplishment feelings from being able to level up, then the devs state the time gates and RNG would be to'make the game last longer' when they killed the very first thing makes a game sustain players.

Once I hit Hard dungeons and was performing them on The Elder Scrolls Blades Items multiple characters, I noticed something else concerning about the RNG; many enchant rolls irrespective of class are elemental resistances, normally 0.03%, making it a crap stat. And I have two weeks of double drops only getting resistances. No Piercing, No Truth, None for

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