How Important Is Temperature In Die Casting Mold?

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Mold temperature is an important factor in die cast production. The temperature control of die casting mold refers to the use of a certain method and means to keep the temperature of the mold within a certain range in the whole die casting production process. The temperature control range is the die casting mold operating temperature. 

The suitable temperature for die casting mold can prolong the life of die casting mold. If the die casting mold is put into production at room temperature, in addition to failing to obtain qualified die casts, the high-temperature molten metal will have a very large thermal impact on the mold cavity after high-speed injection. The mold surface is subjected to huge instantaneous thermal shock, and the huge temperature gradient will promote the generation of thermal stress inside the mold, thus causing cracks on the mold surface. When the mold temperature is higher and higher with the increase of injection times, the thermal stress inside the mold will also be larger and larger. In addition, with the impact stress of high-speed injection, the mold will soon crack until failure, so improper temperature control of the mold will seriously reduce the service life of the mold.

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