Walking in NBA2k21 and simply thought the juxtaposition of these establishments were inquisitive.

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Someone on the dev team is just one of us. Not saying they actually know anything, just they are conscious of what can potentially be going on out here so they've included this in the game as a sort of NBA 2K21 MT time capsule if you will. It may go either way, possibly meant to inform or mock. I saw this the other night and has been bugging lol. And of course 6ft apart signs everywhere. Just more conditioning Have you noticed the mystery meats truck directly to the left of those stores throughout the barricade? PinEros - Eros is the Greek god of sex and love. Pizza is never as prevalent as these movies try to indicate. I've just seen 2 pizzas in my life. Here we visit that an eighteen dollar pizza shop next door to a reptile store that's also adjoined into a property leasing enterprise. At least they are 6 feet apart. I believe the larger conspiracy here is what the hell made you buy that match.

There should be no motive for this to be in the game in any way, however there it is....and it allows them other avenues of programming. Don't tell me games are not the newest programming tool, surely do not lie to your self. The gambling sector makes as much, or even more now than hollywood. Do not reach too hard or you won't Have the Ability to slam dunk anymore

I believe that it's only the cover art which is wonderful. Same happened for me personally. I didn't receive any of those extra though. I would not pay extra for"next gen" that alone could cancel stadia entirely for me personally it runs on basically a PC system so its really already"next gen". I meant along with the current gen game. Like an upgrade price or something. Like they're doing with the mamba variant on consoles. Should be liberated honestly stadia and PC imo I am not eager to give up my money for something which doesn't cost them much extra if at all in most instances a pc could easily manage it as a patch to the original game or just like a dlc game pass but I am somewhat greedy and I will be honest I miss the times when expansion packs were over 2 maps along with a skin I see your point and I'm not trying to invalidate it because most will agree with you within me I am just saying I am not attempting to give them money for something which PC games traditionally never had to perform and hardware realistically isn't needed I get that it's marked more console compared to PC but we should really hold them into PC game standards instead of console's inherently update happy likeness please do not take this harshly I am bad with words and like I said the majority would probably take your side on mine onto this.

I do expect some stadia games receive free upgrades like some games are doing, but 2k is supposedly going to be another game, so that I understand them not performing a free update for nba 2k21. I total understand where you are coming from. My last console has been a ps3 then if to mobile games after having a kid and not being able to pay for the cost of a next gen console plus games. Even though I wasted a great deal of money on the mobile game model. I was shocked to see how much of that translated into games now when I got to stadia. 2k is just as bad as ea is with Madden because of the exclusively they have with the license. But I'm hopeful next gen nba 2k is going to be worth the $10 price increase.

It's funny watching my kid learn in the era of covid distance learning(1st tier ). They are learning about electronic citizenship - essentially being nice to people on line. That's epic guy my daughter is next grader and they had been learning that another day also I concur Ive definitely calmed down since her arrival but I definitely learned a few things about the way to be nicer as well. I moved the Mobile game manners for a while it always left me wanting more eventually got a semi decent gaming PC constructed over time to get"moonlight" and steam connection but stadia matches the openings fairly well especially when I just have 15-20 mins to play (been playing solo 2k20) and new monster boy game they appear to Buy MT NBA 2K21 match I liked ESO but I feel it takes more time than what I got on most days.

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