Walking with fighting Maplestory M Mesos and

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Walking with fighting Maplestory M Mesos and battling alongside you Sounds amazingCurrently the only system for you get and to hunt familiars is to really go out and search a mob that is particular or possess you just randomly drop It gets to the point where the fam while it does sound to mill Cards fall rate is so low or in some cases do not even exist

For example Twilight Perion mobs never got them because they hit GMSAs soon as its excellent that the developers here are keen to maintain the familiar system in GMS it seems the only approach to get them is only throuh the item Gachapon since they dont actually drop from stated mobs Since reboot does not have the item

Gachapon its a bit hopeless it seemsI seem to recall seeing booster packs in the Cash Shop a few years ago like legendary boosters providing out familiars that would be utterly impossible to get like Pink Bean Cygnus Papulatus Clock along with othermobs like Crow and Starling When its not overly tough to execute into Reboots cash

shop perhaps we could find those booster packs MaplestoryM Mesos and possibly get the opportunity to obtain the Arcane familiars Obviously Im not suggesting users pay to them since that would go against the message of RebootHowever I wouldnt be lying when Id say I would be ready to put down a couple million meso to get a Legendary package or 

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