How to match autumn scarf?

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The basic style is always a fashionable and versatile piece, which can be used every year without worrying about obsolete waste. With all that said, let's take a look at the matching of solid color scarves. Maybe you can get some inspiration.

The big scarf of solid color is such a basic model, it is neither choosy, but also versatile and practical. Today, let's have a look at how the scarf matches the clothes, so as to add points to the overall shape!

Versatile black
Black scarf texture is full, a hand!
The most common basic black and white gray clothes and black scarf collocation

Earth color and black scarf
Bright clothes and black scarves

Camel scarf looks high
Black coat and camel scarf match, high-end feeling.
Camel scarf and the same color camel coat matching, very temperament!

Dark and light
Solid color scarf can also be used with the same color deep light color do collocation, can add some fresh, avoid boring.
Grass green with dark green

Brown sweater and dark brown scarf match, elegant and intellectual.
Dark gray long wool skirt with light gray scarf, layering is very good.

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