Buy black red Air Jordan 1 on Cadysneakers

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This year's classic black and red color matching ushered in a re-enactment, black and red Air Jordan 4, 11 are sure to commemorate this year's re-enactment, black and red Air Jordan 6 has long been on sale. Earlier today, another heavy news rumored that the black red Air Jordan 1 will also commemorate the end of the year. I believe that everyone will not be unfamiliar with these shoes. It has been re-enacted three times in the past 10 years and sold in 10, 13 and 16 years respectively. Black and red color is Jordan's first pair of Air Jordan 1, even in the case of the league is forbidden to wear, still pay a high amount of fine to wear on the court, which also makes the black and red Air Jordan 1 has a "banned" nickname.

To celebrate the continued development this summer, Nike brings the new Plant Color line of shoes. This special version of Blazer low uses natural plant dyes instead of other methods for dyeing, which is more environmentally friendly than the original method. Nike WMNS Blazer Low Plant Color is a pair of ivory white, Swoosh straps and tongues with yellow accents, and the white sole is fresh and elegant with a good texture. The other pair is mainly pink, and the other positions are also decorated with yellow to create a strong little fresh texture. It is definitely a versatile shoe for spring and summer wear.

Every spring and summer, it is the season of the Air Jordan 11 Low low-cut shoes! It not only inherits the popular style of Air Jordan 11 classic shoes, but also presents it in a light and low-cut style. With its flexible and versatile shape, it becomes the star of the spring and summer streets. This year's first low-cut color scheme is the popular Blue Snake Air Jordan 11 Low Navy Snakeskin. At present, the official website of the country has finally released the announcement! The navy blue tone snakeskin texture is matched with a white shoe body, and the contrast effect is extraordinary. The upper foot has a refined visual vitality. In detail, the leather tongue creates a high-end fashion temperament, and believes that the reappearance of the classic theme of snake skin texture has made many old players cheer!

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