I don't get why utilizing Maplestory M Mesos robots

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I don't get why utilizing Maplestory M Mesos robots is wrong, at a shitty game in which getting a good number of mesos you have to work your ass off(likely don't wana do that as it is a shitty game), or use bots, you agree farming is exhausting yet fail to give that not everybody is as competent or more likely has time for this shit but nevertheless want to

expereince that the"good" part of this game and apply that everybody has to perform as you do even though that's not your task, it is the programmer's task as pointed in the tos. You reek of becoming the kind that is seemingly"justice" driven but in fact is far from that, not due to only my subjective opinion on botting, but more so

because this is such an inconsequential action on the whole and yet you still do it and post this like this is what is gonna correct botting, I wager not even 1/10 of the people that play this sport know of you, and you are still posting"fixes" to botting, one way by the way to prove or maybe disprove it is inconsequential, would be to witness the bot percentage right after that. ?

Okay so I personally play berserker now, and im up to Maplestory M Mesos for sale gs for performing chaos raids, but will point something out that I dont think your really conscious of, wizards cant out dps a berserker dependant on which construct the berserker is utilizing, berserkers have builds that can permit them to hit enemies for over 100k damage in a single attack, and thats not just a once and done kind of build either, its a build that can permit you to repeatedly reach the goal for that type of harm, and mind you theres not hitting a crit, actually my construct im doing I frequently am hitting well over 50-60k harm every strike and im not fully up to par yet in terms of what I might

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