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2019 Mens Jordans,Air Jordan 1 High OG Crimson Tint should be regarded as the most orthodox classic of this year. The new Air Jordan 1, whether it is color design or physical value, has a good quality, popularity and attention is not low. The Air Jordan 1 with pink blessing is quite rare. This time, it also uses a classic black and red opaque color template. The large black lychee covers the body, the toe, upper and outsole and Swoosh are naked and pink. .

Jordans 2019 Shoes,BAPE and NEIGHBORHOOD, two representative Japanese street brands, have already established a unique design style in the trend circle. Recently, the two brands have once again joined forces to create a new co-branded series based on the two pairs of popular shoes from adidas POD 3.1 and NMD STLT. BAPE x NEIGHBORHOOD x Adidas POD 3.1 The upper is made of enamel color scheme, the outer side is NEIGHBORHOOD's  mark camouflage, and the inner side is BAPE's human head pattern camouflage. The iconic shark mouth on the outside of the shoe body is just in line with the POD midsole support, showing a very fierce shape. The left and right shoelace positions are marked with BAPE and NEIGHBORHOOD, and the heel label and the insole pattern echo the details of the upper, demonstrating the identity of the joint name.

2019 Sneakers Release,The adidas NMD STLT was first released in the country and the shoes are very avant-garde. The upper is decorated with the ripples commonly used in NEIGHBORHOOD, and the black Primeknit is a plastic material that outlines the unique upper. The shoelaces are decorated in three lines: NBHD, BAPE, and Tokyo. The shape is simple and fits well with the brand style of both parties. Two yellow stickers on the top of the midsole make the shoes add a bit of eye-catching vitality. The heel strap also has a text string that echoes the low profile of the upper.

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