Yesterday, Massive flipped The Division 2 Credits a switc

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Yesterday, Massive flipped The Division 2 Credits a switch and enabled The Division shut beta players to access three degree 30"endgame" personality as a method of showing off the crazy builds, tough challenges and different specializations of late-game characters.I believe this was a fantastic idea because in games like these, the old video game adage is pretty true that"the real game doesn't start until you beat it" when it comes to looters like these. And I really don't think playing through the first few levels and a few story campaign missions was sufficient to really set The Division 2 besides the first, like I mentioned in my first batch of thoughts yesterday.

And yet The Division 2's endgame content here, an"Invaded" mission, remains full of some pretty glaring difficulties, amplifying some problems I saw in the first game stuff, and creating new issues elsewhere.Here's my take on what I experienced at the Invaded assignment that I ran with 2/3 of the specialization classes:I do not mind the idea of specializations and I think that they're actually sort of a neat concept as using a unique weapon is more intriguing than having a"super move" that bolsters damage/health/healing anything like in D1. The issue is that for whatever reason, ammo for all these signature weapons is crazy I went through an Invaded mission murdering dozens and dozens of enemies and watched two, two touch ammo drops. I would go through 3-4 encounters at one time, not fire my signature weapon. It made me feel as though I had been doing something wrong, however I'm not sure what I am missing with this system.

Enemy visibility at The Division 2 is exceedingly poor. I've joked about the game's bright loading screens, but inside? Everything is a mess and you are just shooting into blackness randomly healthbars half the time. And enemies will be completely invisible, possibly with just a tiny arrow above their heads you can see, or sometimes, not that. And due to the manner damage functions in this game you can get melted by someone you can barely see all the way round the room.Enemies have a lot of moves I would consider auto-damage that you could hardly do anything about.

Grenades seem nearly impossible to dodge. Enemies will The Division 2 Boosting send bursting drones at you which you've about 0.5 seconds to take from the sky that you almost never will. Among the worst problems is that the damage feedback of The Division is not there. I always found myself taking harm from resources I could not even place, which could have been a lag issue, or maybe was just another problem with enemy visibility, I'm not sure.There's really no power fantasy at play . Even with this endgame gear, you still feel like a paper bag if you second, going up against enemies. It is not a great feeling to get shredded at a 1v1 with a single enemy, or to empty few clips and not break their armor. It seems amplified in the sequel here, although this has been a common Division complaint.

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