Towards you and Maplestory M Mesos would float

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Towards you and Maplestory M Mesos would float in place, charging his speed. Once again, it is quite easy to dodge when you time it properly because sometimes he would divert to your position before he drifted ahead to you.And at the end of the dash he will leave a"cross" (more like a + than a cross) on the floor, that turns into fire, and again, it will turn

red so that you would detect and have enough time to maneuver away.The next attack he uses is a bunch of scattered lasers that he shoots. It's no crowd control, meaning you can just confront it, and it's hitbox is somewhat bizarre as it sometimes (and it happened to me) only passes through you without any harm to you.The next move

is the most deadliest one but again, easy to dodge. The boss will jump into the very corner of the display, (upper left, right, or bottom left/right) and shoot a map-wide laser beam throughout the map, after that, he will jump into some other corner and will shoot the next one to create a significant X which will leave a trail of fire, so don't

stand on it:3. Right then he'll jump to the middle Maplestory M Mesos for sale and just stand there and do nothing for about 3 minutes or just spam his landmine strikes, and while he is at it, it is your opportunity to dish out a fantastic amount of harm before he jumps everywhere else.Disclaimer -- This guide is under development; MapleStory 2 is an ever-changing

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