Another map we ESO Blades Gold have

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Another map we ESO Blades Gold have is known as"Ularra" which is much more of an overgrown, type of daedric ruin, and is more of a capture, control, and hold, kind distance, where there is kind of a giant platform in the center and you are able to use these sort of teleporters to get on top of it. A good deal of the fundamental flag catch mechanisms, or

we are gonna see in Team Death Match, which is among our sport modes. We are gonna find groups kind of desire to hold that exceptional platform because you are able to see the whole map from it. Today we've got a third map called Foyada Quarry, which can be more, just wide open space, where you kind of leap and you're inside and there's not a great deal of line sight walkers, there's not a lot of pillars, but it's basically a stage at the very center that is on top of lava.

That means you can knock people to the lava, then you are able to pull them into the lava, and what not. We attempted to, in designing these maps, create the drama spaces feel distinct. One is open, one's a lot more claustrophobic with tight hall ways. Then another one is more just, there's this central, clear central, best place to go. That is how we are going to focus people to go into those spaces. What's the Warden Class altering the lively? Not only, I mean, aside from Cyrodiil, how's that changed the dynamic for Battle Grounds? It is gonna become a wild card for everybody.

It will be because it's unknown. The way we have The Elder Scrolls Blades Items designed the Warden would be to fit that support role, like they're a jack of all trades. They've, much like a lot of our other classes, they have a damage line, which can be more the animal companion stuff. They have more of a protective ice magic's type line, which can be more Tanki, then they had a recovery line, which is more focused on nature magics and flowers and that kind of stuff.

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