Buy Air Jordan 11 Low Navy Snakeskin on Cadysneakers

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This year's Air Jordan 11 is still hot. Two days ago, the Rockets point guard Chris Paul took the lead in a pair of royal blue color air Jordan 11, Jordan Brand was laughed by netizens who said that they are making new money according to the blue color card. And this pair of Air Jordan 11 Low Navy Snakeskin finally worked hard on the fabric design, the dark blue snake skin material and the white leather upper surface collided with a different spark, and the snake pattern on the black shoe box is also a Highlights.

A few days ago, we brought you a release of the new color scheme of Air Jordan 1 UNC and a style report, just as you look forward to the sale of the shoes. Today, insiders took the lead in getting the Air Jordan 1 “UNC” and put some physical details on the shoes. The Air Jordan 1 is shown in pure white base tones with the layers of blue and sky blue, making the shoes as simple and sturdy as possible. The high-quality calfskin pattern highlights the degree of care of the fabrics used in the shoes.

Nike Air Jordan Shoes once again brought a dedicated Air Jordan 1 to many women's shoes. The design of this pair of Air Jordan Retro 1 High OG WMNS SP Gina is particularly inspiring, paying tribute to the famous sneakers blogger spginagotgame. This cool grandmother is very young, and the favorite thing is to go to the tide shop to buy and buy. She had a special Air Jordan 1 before, and this time I harvested another one, it is very enviable. This pair of Air Jordan 1 features a black upper with a large red sole. These two colors are also Gina's favorite color. The black upper is adorned with metallic luster, and the wing logo on the side of the shoe is in the form of leather, low-key and full of accents, and Gina's grandmother's head can be seen on the tongue, as if to encourage us Buying shoes and buying them at the age of 80 can't stop.

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