Security Features of Rugged Tablet for Industries

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Internal Specifications of Rugged Tablet for Industries

  • What are the current memory storage options associated with such tablets?

The HG10 Windows Rugged Tablet features a 4GB RAM and a 64GB internal memory to provide sufficient storage for your computing and photo distribution needs.

The DG07 Windows Android dual system rugged tablet packs a 32GB flash and a 2G DDR3L RAM to break down and transfer complex computing commands to various experts within the department.

The GX07 Windows Android dual system rugged tablet features a 2GB DDR3L RAM to meet your specific browsing and computing needs.

Security Features of Rugged Industrial Tablet

  • What security features do industrial grade tablets have?

Commercial tablets offer unique security features that make them in-demand devices in the workplace. By purchasing one of our tablets, you are assured of:

Data encryption-Your data isn’t just protected but encrypted to make deciphering a complicated process. Such protocols are intended to protect your data from cyber-attacks and theft.

Pre-boot authentication, with this feature, you can shut down your rugged industrial tablet and prevent unauthorized log in with a password.

Two-step verification-Designated for highly sensitive data, your commercial tablet is protected with an added security layer.

Can I track and retrieve my lost commercial tablet?

With the introduction of the Remote Location feature, your PINs and passwords lock out unauthorized entry hence making it much easier to track and retrieve your commercial tablet.







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