Dependable damage Maplestory M Mesos However

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Dependable damage Maplestory M Mesos However, they are just way too easy and boring to play, because even if you have really great control, most of your abilities are just single targeted, making them a very"easy" class to perform with. They also lack some freedom. Are their damage buffs that are critical.Heavy Gunner: (long selection, higher cooldown

nuking course, difficulty level: mid-high) They're a heavy and slow course, but have a lengthy range. They also have very substantial cooldowns, but all these abilities are very potent and nuke down your enemies fast. This course is difficult, in the fact that you need to know how to properly cycle your harm, by knowing if your skills

are up, and when you need to use certain skills, and how you need to use specific skills. This course is really hard to play against bosses, cuz when the bosses aren't staying in the same place, then it gets difficult to get your harm in. That is why this class is not recommended by me.Assassin: (extended selection, the very best Nuker at

MS2, difficulty level: high) They don't have any Maple M Mesos fans for allies. This class is just straight damage dealing class. It's tricky to play with this course, since they lack a lot of armor compared to other courses, making it so you have to really dodge and prevent each of the bosses' attacks absolutely. They've a skill known as"Fatal Blow",

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