Which is the best pipe valve supplier

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WENG'S HUAJIAN CO.,LTD it is also subject to certain restrictions in use. Water-hardened polyvinyl chloride pipe , the temperature of the conveying water does not exceed  pipes generally adopt socket connection, in which socket bonding is suitable for pipe outer diameter 20~1601m; rubber ring connection is suitable for pipe outer diameter greater than or equal to  with metal pipe fittings The connection of valves, valves, etc. adopts threaded or flanged connection. Water supply polypropylene pipe is suitable for system working pressure not greater than 0.6Mpa and operating temperature not greater than 70℃. Water supply polypropylene pipe uses hot melt socket connection. When connecting with metal pipe fittings, polypropylene pipe fittings with metal inserts are used as a transition. The pipe fittings and polypropylene pipes are connected by hot-melt sockets, and the metal pipe fittings are Plastic welding 45° elbow connected by threads.

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