To kickstart Nature Day, a familiar sloth will visit your island

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May Day Tour (May 1 to 7): Mystery Island Tours, which can be randomly-generated islands it is possible to visit, will have a special offering during the first week of May. During this period, you can acquire a May Day ticket that transports you to Animal Crossing Items a island that is never-before-seen and distinctive. In the trailer from Nintendo, it comprised a hedge maze along with a brief sign that Rover, a character Animal Crossing veterans will understand from past installments, is going to make his first appearance at New Horizons.International Museum Day (May 18 to 31): Following May Day Tour, players can participate in a Stamp Rally. This involves receiving a stamp card which may be filled by viewing different exhibits within the museum to earn a reward.

Wedding Season (June 1 to 30): Whether that is a direct reaction to Nintendo noticing players have been holding actual weddings within the game, or if it's a wild coincidence, it's difficult to say, but we are excited about wedding time. Gamers visit Harvey's Isle (a place that's designed specifically for wrestling photo shoots) to celebrate Reese and Cyrus's union, two alpacas in love. Particular gifts are received by players Once attending.

To kickstart Nature Day, a familiar sloth will visit your island. His name is Leif, and he appeared in the previous installment New Leaf. He arrives with an assortment of items to sell, such as particular blossoms (i.e. mums, lilies, cosmos) and shrubbery. The latter should not be mistaken with hedges: the key difference is hedges are hardy fence constructions whereas trees have been planted the same way you would plant trees and flowers.Since the update went live, I have made a stunning garden atop a cliff overlooking my city. Using the greenery offerings of Leif as an ensemble can result in a setting, but keep in mind that it takes two days for shrubs to develop into bushes.

Comparable to fishing aficionado C.J. and insect enthusiast Flick, two other villagers that occasionally see your island through this week, Leif buys a particular thing at a premium. When you have an excess of weeds (be careful, you may want to buy Animal Crossing New Horizons Nook Miles Ticket keep some for crafting functions ) then you can accrue extra cash this way.Like in previous Animal Crossing games, Jolly Redd (formerly known as Crazy Redd) is a scam artist. He's an artwork peddler.

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