Should You Buy Players Now Or Wait - FIFA 19 FUT Birthday Market Crash

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FIFA 19 FUT Birthday is coming to us, how can we prepare for that? How to do investment for FUT Birthday 2019? Or should I buy players now or wait? I just found out the answer from upfifacoins FIFA 19 FUT Birthday Market Crash Guide.

The market has started to slowly recover from all of the premise and all of the panic selling that was going on, you should be selling everything in preparation off that FUT birthday other stuff like that, and lots of people were actually quite in shock and we're actually a bit disappointed because the market they sold their teams and the value of their cards, the market all did go up a bit. But when I recommend you to sell your team, it was kind of in preparation for a long term, it wasn't just selling and then you're gonna buy back in a few days that you might usually do this was gonna be long-term selling, so you sell before FUT birthday, now it's going to be the exactly same thing. So if you have still sold your team and you haven't bought anything back, make sure you don't buy anything back buying back now, When the market is high is a terrible idea that was not something that would only be two to three days. 

After FUT birthday event, it only in just a few weeks there is going to be team the season, and team of the season panic selling is going to be huge especially right after FUT birthday, there's gonna be no time to recover so that's why you need to be very careful after the birthday that's not gonna be any time, so your team is gonna go straight into team of the season panic selling. making sure that you to actually buy your cards during team the season, don't really buy before then. Maybe you can buy during FUT birthday, but in my opinion is still going to go even lower seemless season every single year FIFA is always the low point and it might be a bit early. 

When FUT birthday is going to finish, only a few weeks there is going to be lots of panic selling, so this blog is about when to buy and when to buy your cards because most of you should actually be all liquid, you should have all of your FIFA 19 coins ready. But the best ultimate time would actually be team of the season and that is going to be kind of the late game as well and you don't have to wait until team of the season release day, you just need to wait until the panic selling starts just only maybe a week after the FUT birthday has finished.

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