Incursion has you hunt an ancient poe currency Vaal treasure

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Incursion has you hunt an ancient poe currency Vaal treasure temple, Atzoatl. To disclose its place, you'll have to travel back in time to its own construction. There, you'll have a limited period of time (as little as 30 seconds) to kill as many creatures as you can, with every kill granting more time. At the close of the struggle, you can maintain your loot.

You are going to need to track down Alva Valai 11 occasions --she'll appear in each new area during a standard campaign--to show the place of Atzoatl in the current day, which you may then raid for snacks. The time-bending twist is that your actions during your 11 incursions to the past will change that closing temple dungeon run. For instance, finding keys and unlocking doors in the past will open up more of the temple to research in the present.

It can get very complex, from the noises of the piece of Steven. Each room has rival'architects' that want to design the space a certain way. Kill one architect and the other one is free to perform their work, altering the room and potentially impacting the rest of the temple. You can travel back to the same area more than once during your 11 incursions, providing one architect multiple chances to update the room to your own liking.

In Steven's run, he upgraded a toxin garden several poe marketplace times, which intended poison plants coated every room in the temple, making his final run more difficult. But reaching the original poison room netted him a defense that you can not find anyplace else.All the patch notes to the update are available here. The Incursion league will run for three months.Path of Exile's next upgrade is and I love it

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