If you're among the players The Division 2 Phoenix Credits who

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If you're among the players The Division 2 Phoenix Credits who have been selected, you are going to have the ability to try out all of the content that was available in Ubisoft's past Division 2 beta, with the exception of Conflict, Endgame, and Photo Mode. Participants also won't have the ability to invite friends to join in this test. You can read more details on The Division 2 website.Even if you don't get it in this week's test, everyone will soon have a chance to sample the forthcoming shooter. Ubisoft is hosting an open beta for The Division 2 next week, from March 1-4. That evaluation will be accessible to players on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

If you are thinking about pre-ordering The Division 2 on PC, Ubisoft just pitched in a incentive. Those who pre-order the upcoming sequel's PC version can select one of three Ubisoft matches to snag at no cost.According to this web page on The Division 2's site, you will find 3 free games. If you have already pre-ordered The Division 2 for PC, you can claim your free match from the exact same web page. Just make sure you log in through the webpage using the exact same Uplay account that is attached to your pre-order.

There are a few conditions and stipulations to be aware of. The free game offer only applies to pre-orders created through an electronic storefront such as the Uplay Store or Epic Store. Should you pre-ordered from a physical location like GameStop or Best Buy then you're out of luck. Same goes if you pre-order a non-PC and/or physical disc edition of the game. Furthermore, if you purchase The Division 2 through some sort of bundle bargain, you are ineligible for the free game.One final note is that the pre-order offer is open until March 31. Whether you've already pre-ordered or are planning to, be sure to claim your free game earlier rather than later.

Ghost Recon Wildlands is the very best bet if you're searching Division 2 Boosting for an experience similar to The Division 2's gameplay.The Division 2 just recently wrapped its closed beta, and an open beta is on the way. The beta will be freely available to all as it arrives in early March. The same contents in the private beta needs to transfer over, including the Black Tusk endgame faction. Together with PC, the sequel can be starting for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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