PSO2 English patch the neighborhood did for the JP version

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And Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta of course it allows mods through, Don't get me wrong, the PSO2 English patch the neighborhood did for the JP version for years is an amazing bit of work and I'm proud of them. Nonetheless, it sounds a little shaky when your cheat protection allows a client moddded with an unofficial patch such as that in eh? ;-RRB- Obviously I wouldn't support Sega actively obstructing that previously, but it goes to show exactly how ineffective and a hassle for real players it is.

Sorry got on one of my spiels that there haha. No, UWP matches can't be launched through Steam properly to my comprehension. There is some applications like GLoSC that have workarounds, but that one didn't work for me. However, UWP apps generally only recognize Xinput gamepads. I really wish someone would figure out ways to acquire a second stick on that control. It was the best feeling control I have ever needed.

I mean, I figure that's a fairly big downside. The L/Rs are not satisfying to press just like on the dreamcast controller, and the buttons are somewhat closer to what the Turn expert has (clicky, with no glassy feel) Ngl, I have mine and that I like everything about it but compared to a contemporary Xbone control, the stick feel is miles ahead about the Xbone controller.

As /u/SFWxMadHatter mentioned, the Xbox control lineage is all but a direct descendant of the Dreamcast. Heck, if memory serves the early mockups and sketches to the OG Xbox controllers were derivatives of the Dreamcast controller.

Somewhat biased, but I've come to really love my Xbone controls. I've got two gen two (Bluetooth capable) fundamental black controllers and they have been fantastic. Great build quality (I throw mine in my backpack and the rods are still in fantastic shape), good ergonomics, connectivity is amazing with the Bluetooth service on virtually everything today, same with all the input with all these games, and battery life is great at least on fundamental alkalines (rechargeable are somewhat hit or miss for cheap meseta pso2 me personally ).

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