Until you play a post lock which you can't do shit about sounds good.

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I agree with most of these and you have a lot of good things, but I think ranked matchmaking would drive away many high rep players. Playing against precisely the same sweat lineups over and over will stop me from enjoying NBA 2K Coins. If there was rated matchmaking on 20, as an instance, virtually every match I play could be against dual playlocks/playlock and re-wing or a post scorer and lockdown. Yeah, ruining new gamers and chase them out is way better, correct? His purpose is not being understood by you.

You are not understanding my point. Playing park you receive a combination of ordinary players and sweats. Matchmaking that is ranked would literally be assists. Playing swears who abuse the most poisonous shit every game would make me completely stop playing.i'd rather play sweats and try hards than simply newbs that are easy to demolish but only if I'm on a team with 4 friends and we are communicating. If I am a random playing with randoms, let us go against a team of fellow randoms, who cares whether they are sweats or newbs, really what matters is if people are in a celebration together or are randoms.

Until you play a post lock which you can't do shit about sounds good. Sounds great until every match you play with is. Gtfo here man, thats why I do not play stage no longer, everyone simply abuses the most toxic shit in NBA 2K21 to win, and with all the rng there is near nothing you can do. I rarely see anybody who is a post player and if I do I rarely see anyone pass. So the article fade is overpowered but nobody uses it. True meta comp groups will, they will pass into the guy from the article and allow him to score each time, but like I said do not let them play a group of randoms. When it is a group of men in a party and they are communicating they can attempt playing with with zone or something.

I' m not speaking about a ranked matchmaking, my thought would be to separate"team" and"solo" so if you team up (whit buddies or randoms you think could fit your playstyle from the neighborhood) you may be paired up against 3 individuals that awakened also. If you operate"solo" you'll be matched whit another team of 3 randoms that didn't team up. I'd leave a matchmaking platform at a better variant of 3v3 pro-am. So there's no ranked matchmaking? Like that I play I can get bums on my group and if I'm an elite? Ngl I could play and fall a bunch of rep randoms off.

In my idea if you perform solo you get matched up 5 individuals that entered to play solo random, whit maybe something so in every team you get C or a PF along with a PG or SG. If you don t want to play whit randoms it's possible to go in a"team up" zone (maybe in front of where you search a match ) and search for people. Just like you can perform in the area. If you want to play 1v1 or 2s, 3s prior to Cheap 2K MT the machine begins searching if you enter you choose. If you would like to play 2s awakened whit somebody you input the"group matchmaking" as a group of 2 people.

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