What is LCD Display

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LCD display (liquid crystal display) is a thin flat display device, which is composed of a certain number of color or black and white pixels, placed in front of the light source or the reverse side. LCD has low power consumption, so it is favored by engineers and is suitable for electronic devices using batteries. Its main principle is to stimulate liquid crystal molecules with an electric current to produce point, line, surface and form a picture with back lamp tube.

Construction and Principle of LCD Display
Each pixel of the LCD consists of the following parts: a column of liquid crystal molecular layers suspended between two transparent electrodes (indium tin oxide), and two polarization filters perpendicular to each other on both sides.

If there is no liquid crystal between the electrodes, the polarization direction of light passing through one of the polarization filters will be completely perpendicular to the second polarizer, so it is completely blocked. However, if the light passing through one polarization filter is rotated by the liquid crystal, it can pass through another polarization filter. The rotation of light polarization direction of liquid crystal can be controlled by electrostatic field, so as to realize the control of light.

Types of LCD Display
Generally, they are divided into single Bai color and color LCD screen. At present, the monochromatic dulcd has almost withdrawn from the notebook computer market, while the color LCD is still developing continuously. Color LCD is mainly divided into STN and TFT, in which TFT (thin film transistor) LCD, also known as active electrocrystalline thin film transistor liquid crystal display, is commonly known as true color LCD by many people; DSTN (dual SCN twisted nematic) LCD is double scanning LCD. It is a display mode of STN LCD and has been withdrawn from the market. Even though for LCD display in the same size like 3.5" lcd display supplied by Maclight Display (szmaclight.com) can also have a wide viewing angle and TN TFT LCD tft type viewing angle. 

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