How To Complete FIFA 19 Prime Icon Moments Del Piero SBC

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A new Prime Icon Moments SBC Del Piero has been released, along with the Carniball Bonaventura SBC. This Del Piero Prime Icon Moments SBC features 93 rated Del Piero from Italy. And you’re required 10 segments to complete Del Piero SBC that cost about 1400K FIFA 19 coins. This guide will detail you the cheapest solution to complete FIFA 19 Prime Icon Moments Del Piero SBC.

Prime Icon Moments Del Piero SBC - Humble beginnings 
Rewards: 1 Silver Players Pack
Player Quality: Exactly Bronze
Rare Players: Exactly 11
Team Chemistry: Min 75
Players in the Squad: 11

Prime Icon Moments Del Piero SBC - Rising Talent
Rewards: 1 Gold Players Pack
Player Quality: Exactly Silver
Rare Players: Exactly 11
Team Chemistry: Min 75
Players in the Squad: 11

Prime Icon Moments Del Piero SBC - World Class
Rewards: 1 Rare Electrum Players Pack
Player Quality: Exactly Gold
Rare Players: Exactly 9
Team of the Week Players: Exactly 2
Team Chemistry: Min 70
Players in the Squad: 11

Prime Icon Moments Del Piero SBC - Iconic
Rewards: 1 Jumbo Rare Players Pack
Requirements: Icons or Prime Icon Moments Players: Exactly 1
Players in the Squad: 1

Prime Icon Moments Del Piero SBC - 83-Rated Squad
Rewards: 1 Mega Pack
Team of the Week Players: Min 2
Team Overall Rating: Min 83
Team Chemistry: Min 90

Prime Icon Moments Del Piero SBC - 84-Rated Squad
Rewards: 1 Prime Gold Players Pack
Requirements: Team of the Week Players: Min 2
Team Overall Rating: Min 84
Team Chemistry: Min 80

Prime Icon Moments Del Piero SBC - 85-Rated Squad
Rewards: 1 Rare Player Pack
Team of the Week Players: Min 2
Team Overall Rating: 85
Team Chemistry: Min 70

Prime Icon Moments Del Piero SBC - 86-Rated Squad
Rewards: 1 Jumbo Premium Gold Players Pack
Requirements: Team of the Week Players: Min 2
Team Overall Rating: Min 2
Team Overall Rating: Min 86
Team Chemistry: Min 65

Prime Icon Moments Del Piero SBC - 87-Rated Squad
Rewards: 1 Rare Mega Pack
Team of the Week Players: Min 2
Team Overall Rating: Min 87
Team Chemistry: Min 60

Prime Icon Moments Del Piero SBC - 88-Rated Squad
Rewards: 1 Jumbo Rare Player Pack
Team of the Week Players: Min 1
Team Overall Rating: Min 88
Team Chemistry: Min 60

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