Any other quests the team buy Blade and Soul Revolution gold finds

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Any other quests the team buy Blade and Soul Revolution gold finds personally offensive or not"welcoming" enough are allegedly being altered or eliminated. I'd also talk about the report of memes being added into the game to make serious occasions into funny ones, but I generally take a"no means no" strategy to undesirable memes.The best part? The localization team is also currently deleting posts on their forums that are currently criticizing their decisions, instead of forwarding said posts to developers working on the group.

They marginally lied in this case as well, together with the elimination of lingerie (as clothing), rather putting them supporting a paywall.We've achieved to the folks at NCSOFT regarding this entire thing -- we will keep you guys posted. (Editor's Note: It's possible this only impacts the North American localization, rather than the European one. We're still awaiting clarification on this).

The Rage of the Hive Queen update brought a brand new Antique exchange rate for Radiant Energy at Blade & Soul, which was a part of this new gem system that enables players to access, upgrade, and exchange jewels more readily. This was a reaction from the developers to produce the gem updates available to all gamers, so let's take a look.

The Radiant Energy exchange from last week has been changed due to this new system becoming implemented. The Radiant Energy exchange is buy BNS Revolution gold continually receiving upgrades and tweaks, and during the sensitive nature of this kind of thing, some changes that are created can get changed once more if the players find them too severe. Considering that the player feedback concerning the Radiant Energy exchange is extreme, some adjustments have been made.

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