How to maintain pneumatic tools

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Pneumatic tool is a kind of tool which uses compressed air to drive pneumatic motor and output kinetic energy to work. Since pneumatic tools are generally used as carrying tools, which require small size and light weight, this purpose is achieved through rationalization of structure, shape, high-precision processing, strict material selection, strict heat treatment, etc. As a result, it is easier to use and more powerful.

Before using the pneumatic tools, please read this manual. Only after you have a full understanding of the contents, you can use the pneumatic tools in the workplace, and strictly implement the contents.
When using pneumatic tools, do not exceed the maximum operating pressure, and often make the pneumatic tools work in an environment that exceeds the operating pressure, which will greatly reduce the service life of the pneumatic tools themselves. When replacing the accessories of the pneumatic tools, please remove the pneumatic tools from the air source first, and wear goggles, earplugs and masks as much as possible during operation to maintain their own safety When connecting, do not press the trigger when not in use, and ensure the condition of pneumatic tool parts at any time. Loose parts can cause serious danger. When replacing worn parts, please use special parts. Never use the air pressure pipe to damage or impact, and do not face the pneumatic tool to others.
Before use, check whether the air pressure pipe is fragile or damaged. If the above condition is found, please update it immediately to maintain safety. Lock all nuts, screws and make sure all equipment is in safe condition. Pneumatic tools can work in all kinds of bad or bad environments. Proper lubrication is the responsibility of the users of pneumatic tools. There will be water condensation in the compressed air, which is easy to cause corrosion. If there is no proper lubrication, the service life of pneumatic tools will be greatly shortened. Because compressed air is usually transported through seamless steel pipe, the rust on the inner wall will be greatly reduced in long-term use The moisture and dust in the compressed air will be formed continuously. If such compressed air enters into the pneumatic motor directly without any treatment, the service life of the motor will be greatly shortened, resulting in insufficient and unstable power output of the whole tool, which is easy to cause damage to the motor and other parts. Therefore, the compressed air filter and regulating device must be set between the compressed air delivered by the pipeline and the pneumatic tool After a period of time, maintenance cleaning and regular replacement shall be carried out. The pneumatic tools shall be lubricated before and after use.


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