MLB The Show wise with MLB 19 Stubs all of its aspects

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 MLB The Show wise with MLB 19 Stubs all of its aspects annual .Yes that the AI needs better for many situations I agree to this. Hopefully this will be their year. I am a MLB The Show purest.I like playing with real rosters while handling the game.I'm not into producing new ball parks that don't exist, changing team names and colors, etc.. Not realistic !?

I am old school offline franchise style and I play and what have they done to enhance it? Not a thing! The developers Cannot POSSIBLY BE THIS TONE DEAF! Fans like myself are SCREAMING FOR YEARS things such as arena builds or better commentators, even the harder stuff like getting teams/players from 90's-00's on here as men that are playable! It is time I started speaking with my wallet because words mean NOTHING to these so developers

Preach! I'm doing the same thing. I'm not giving till they receive a scene creator mode in these types of games SDS anymore of my hard earned dollars. We all play with is franchise and they ignoring it. MVP 2005 is STILL, 14 decades after and that even had stadium creator. What a joke. It is time we send a message to them. Make some updates that are actual and we'll provide

you our cash. Spread the word.LB1280 In my opinion MLB the show stubs the absolute LEAST they can do is expand the timeless stadium roster, I am a life long Red Sox fan....can they give me the old school Fenway Park using the netting on the Green Dragon? I simply don't see where our requests are that crazy or hard to adapt as you don't have a problem asking us to basically repurchase the exact same game EVERY YEAR for over $60!!? seeing

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