A Maplestoryer opinion

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From 2030+, possibly Maplestory 1 would be still here and folks still really enjoy the game although Maplestory two may take over, but that care; the match remains optimal and enjoyable. Classic pixels predominate futuristic gameing mechanic. But, there could be buy Maplestory Mesos android that actually replaced CFG farming maplestory two mesos. Japan/China/South Korea and other businesses are already growing them. . .so. . .eh. .Mercy please.

Overall; botters/hackers cannot be completely evaporate from the gaming business, because they're like germs that dwelt within a human body; a few of these bacteria are good and some are bad. If you get rid of all of the bacteria on earth; human wouldn't exist, as we're originally a mobile that burst from bacteria and to some multipurpose mobile eukaryotic cell phone.

And for another directors just no. Hard hilla is stupidly hard believing she doesn't drop anything MS2 Mesos noteworthy. Except for 1 pair of earrings in the boss accessory put she has the specific same drops as regular hilla, despite much harder mechanics which need 100% standing resist and you lose exp on passing there. Same thing with chaos pink bean. Its the exact same fight, but everything got more health and today respawns multiple times throughout every round. When you truly get to PB that he respawns 13 times.

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