How To Receive A Treasure Box At MapleStory M

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Of course, Nexon can do that job with test server by using same financing of characters. Taking capital of a character who can cope cap the earliest (excluding Zero), test damage and then repairing damage cap. Afterward, balancing done!

Now about RPG aspect, the thought I just mentionned above is not sufficient to bring it back. A revamp that will be to alter Floor 50 and place Dorothy outside of the dungeon and should be in a separate room. A room which we can defeat her in Maplestory M Mesos!!

 Or expedition. We could even nerf Dorothy and Hard Lotus hardcore. So that they can match with my proposal in previous paragraph. We can even reducing other end-game boss HP or diminishing the timer and/or make them even more challenging to conquer.

And please get rid of% HP harm. About% HP damage system... maplestory m mesos on iphone  needs a rework. We must make defense, accuracy and avoidability more usefull. I know there's a system similar for challenging magnus. I detect by financing my Hero further and the number of times I attempt him, I recognize the%HP damage he deals on me with spin or rush seems LOWER!! Probably because we've got a very high total principal stat or perhaps defense.

We ought to utilize a system that will work for all sorts of percent HP harm except that the 1hit KO and meteors of all bosses. Percent HP harm which should get lower by getting a lot of protection stat. Tanky classes will have ability to get even less damage.

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