Vinyl Floor Types, Advantages & Disadvantages

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Vinyl flooring is resilient, easy to care for and hard-wearing. In the meantime, vinyl flooring has become one of the frequently sold and popular flooring. The robust vinyl floor is suitable for various living spaces and has a pleasantly warm surface. The flooring is available in different designs and impresses with its positive properties.

Vinyl flooring - different types

Vinyl floors are available in different designs. The modern flooring is available as:

  • Click Vinyl Floor
  • Adhesive Vinyl Floor
  • Peel and Stick Vinyl Floor

As a click vinyl, the floor is laid using special connections, also known as tongue and groove. The individual parts can be easily connected to one another without heavy tools, since they are simply put together.

Adhesive vinyl is glued directly to the floor. This creates additional impact sound insulation. These versions are available as self-adhesive floor elements or a special adhesive must be used when laying.

In the case of loose installation, the vinyl floor is simply laid loosely on an existing floor without adhesive and without a click system. The bottom surface should be smooth and even. Thanks to a special coating on the back, this vinyl floor adheres by itself and can be easily removed at any time. More information is available at accessfloorstore.com

Easy-care and modern floors

Thanks to its special surface, vinyl is particularly hard-wearing. Since there is a huge selection of motifs, every room can be fitted with vinyl flooring, even afterwards. Vinyl flooring is suitable for rooms with high humidity and can therefore be installed in bathrooms without hesitation. This floor is advantageous if it is laid loosely, especially in a rented apartment. As a tenant, you are often not allowed to replace the flooring there and with the loose-lay you have a perfect opportunity to lay vinyl flooring on an existing floor.

No matter whether for the children's room, the kitchen or the living room - vinyl flooring is available in numerous designs and can be purchased in the following decors, among others:

  • Wood decors
  • Wood structure
  • Tile pattern
  • Colours

All floors are easy to maintain and retain their shine and smooth surface with regular and correct cleaning over many years.

Vinyl flooring - an inexpensive alternative

Compared to a solid wooden floor, vinyl is an inexpensive alternative. The natural look can be imitated very easily with the right decor. Especially with large areas, vinyl not only has a price advantage, but can also be processed and installed much faster. Compared to other floor coverings, vinyl flooring has a warm surface and can even be installed on the underfloor heating. The material has other advantages, because even a tiled floor can get a new shine with the right vinyl. The time-consuming removal of old floor tiles is not necessary - a leveling compound to fill the joints is sufficient.

Disadvantages of vinyl floors

Nevertheless, this floor covering can also show disadvantages, which can be avoided in many cases. Among other things, the floor can lose color if it is treated with the wrong cleaning agents, as these attack the surface. If heavy or pointed objects fall on the floor, there may be dents or scratches. In many cases, however, these can be repaired completely with a suitable filler. Even if a wood look can be laid with the right decor, the floor cannot be sanded down compared to a real wood floor.

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