How to Unlock Hidden Areas Behind Fractured Walls Fast in POE Delve

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This simple tip is based on locating the right node. You may need to go to each node and try all the different solutions until you find the right one. This approach can achieve the goal, but it takes a lot of time and is not really worth it. The general rule is that a node can have one, three or four connections, so if you choose a node with two connections, it has a right path and an upward path, so this is an impossible node, and the node must be a node with a wall, so once you find it This node, you may need to go to it. However, if you have been there before, you can click on the node.

Goldkk.com brings the details of the effective way to unlock hidden rooms behind fractured walls. All you need to do is look in the direction. We are looking south, for example, to see if it is a complete dead end. Crossing the road into the darkness, sometimes you need to walk a long distance. Be sure to bring a flame to remove the stack, and then you can see some crystal structure on the exile road map, representing a broken wall. Place another torch below to make it more obvious. Once you find one of the walls, you can throw a lot of explosives that you need to destroy. If you have destroyed the displayed nodes and paths, you can go back. We don't need to run there to return to the crawler. Then we can select the node and take the crawler directly there.

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