Skin and often look worse Apex Legends coins than

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Skin and often look worse Apex Legends coins than rare skins). Only once you reach Legendary do you actually move on from the base skin itself, but what is considered “Legendary” design in Apex would probably be no more than an Epic in most cases in Overwatch, or Epic or Rare in Fortnite. In those games, when you see a Legendary skin, it’s a showstopper. But to me, the only ones I’d put in that category in Apex are maybe one

Caustic skin (the black/gold warlord one) and one Wraith skin (the bald one that makes her look like Jack from Mass Effect). And if you want those? You have to get insanely lucky through drops, or you have to wait for the store to change which only is showcasing a single legendary skin a week (and many legendary skins are just recolorings of themselves, something Overwatch eventually realized it needed to do away with).

Finally, one key challenge that Apex faces when trying to be the next Fortnite is that…it’s an FPS. Fortnite players are likely far more willing to spend money on a skin because the third person perspective of the game means that they will be viewing that skin on their character 100% of every game, outside of being inside a sniper scope. But that isn’t true for Apex Legends, which try as it might to feature your characters’ look in the select screen and in banners

 has a tougher time. Yes, it’s true that Overwatch buy Apex coins has made this work, but if Apex’s design and model more closely resemble Overwatch’s than Fortnite’s, that’s not ideal, considering how the former is fading in popularity resulting in serious problems for Activision-Blizzard, while the latter is the cash cow that Apex wants to be. I’m not saying they should just add third person mode, but I do think it’s a deterrent for purchases. I mean, you’re just going to have a much smaller crowd spending money when you don’t even see the result any of your purchases for 90% of each game. Even weapon skins require you to pick up that exact gun during the course of a game.

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