mesos and equipment drop rate compared to hacking

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Mmotank isn't only widely known as trusted dealer that sells Maplestory Mesos, in fact they're also providing currencies for various popular online games, including MapleStory 2 and others. The best thing about Mmotank that make them outstanding compared to others is that they constantly able to offer clients with the friendliest pricing about the item. Additionally, Mmotank is ensured that any purchase being created will be processed at fastest possible way to keep everybody happy and satisfied.I find it very difficult to find enough mesos to update my abilities (Mastery Books) and Star Force (equipment) by simply grinding nowadays.

If you have, lets say, 9 abilities to upgrade with Mastery Books, you then need 9*3 + 9*5 = 72 million mesos for just Mastery Books. The Golden Temple gives you in the end a choice of some Mastery Book 20 or Mastery Book 30, and Korean Folk Town provides you both a Mastery Book 20 and Mastery Book 30 (both untradeable however).

Then for the higher degree gear (lvl 130, 140) you may need how many millions to upgrade the Star Force level. And that can accumulate quickly above level 7 where the amount drops on collapse. At one point I spent a couple billions hoping to receive a single piece of equipment over Star Force level 13 and gave up after eventually attaining level 13 again. Nowadays I stop at level 10, if I've got the mesos, or level 6 if I don't want to waste a lot of mesos on getting enough Star Force to perform the quests.

Before, the older Dragon Park could have a fantastic equipment drop rate, which might be sold for mesos. The new Dragon Park provides only EXP, no drops. And even in the typical maps that the gear drop speed seems to be substantially lower.

And, in my opinion. Getting more difficult to acquire enough mesos plays those players promoting mesos for cash at the hand, encouraging hacking. I quite often encounter characters moving throughout the map, never seeing a single meso being dropped, but everything else is dropped in the place in which the personality is. The mesos are likely farmed right off and everything else is just dropped. It takes no effort on those players to collect a lot of mesos since they simply have to start their hacking program and the computer does the rest. How else can they offer countless mesos for cash with the present regular mesos and equipment drop rate compared to hacking?

I have a hard time getting enough mesos by just grinding, but I do not want, and I don't do, buy Maplestory items as I just hate those hackers taking over the map I want to play and buying mesos out of them would just encourage hacking even more.

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