How do I deal with Retin A?

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My dermatologist prescribed Retin-A Micro for anti-aging.  I really want  to take control of the aging process, but this stuff is making my skin a flaky, irritated, red mess.  What can I do to help my skin accept this new step to my skincare regimen?

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The product has proved to be beneficial for several skin disorders, particularly acne Retin-A helps to unclogs pores and reduce skin peeling. It can also be useful in reduce the appearance of wrinkles and skin damage due to sun exposure; however, Retin-A cannot cure acne, reverse wrinkles or repair sun damage. Retin-A (generic name: tretinoin) is a derivative of vitamin a and is a member of a group of medications called retinoids that impact the growth of skin cells. Retin-A works by changing the growth patterns and inter-cell attachments of skin cells. If you want essay related topic you can go for custom essay writing service will get better result.

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