Fake Walk in NBA 2K18

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Smart play is necessary to win games in NBA 2K18. When you are stuck holding Buy NBA 2K MT the ball with 2 hands, solely abusing the pump imitation will make you predictable. The same as in real life basketball, deception helps create openings to your group to land a shot. One of the tools available in your disposal is your imitation pass.

To perform a fake pass, just press the jump and shot button at the same moment. It is triangle plus circle for PS4, B and Y for Xbox X and A for the Switch. Similar to doing a normal pass, the path held on the left rod determines which person you'll throw the imitation pass to.Take notice that the imitation pass does not function when you activate icon passing.

Moreover, you can alternate between pump fake and fake passes until you find a shooter opening or an open teammate. However, NBA 2K19 MT take care to not abuse these actions as your enemies can easily steal the ball when you are repeatedly performing such maneuvers. Also, ensure that the player you use has a high enough ball handling skill in case you don't want to lose the ball.

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