Phantasy Star Online 2 is free to play

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PSO2 issues come from Windows Store integration that is lousy. To mention that PSO2's launch in the NA region is horrendous is a gross underestimation. Players who are waiting for cheap PSO2 Meseta for almost a decade satisfied the integration up to now. These issues come from the bad integration work with the Windows Store. Phantasy Star Online 2 not merely asks the participant to use their Xbox Live account but also pass through the Windows Store. Phantasy Star Online 2's launch has a ton of problems, such as bugs which stop players from logging into.

The problems don't stop there. Players are currently undergoing lags in heart areas. Phantasy Star Online 2 is always redownloading adding in each bugfix the group installs. Microsoft and publisher Sega are not fixing the problems for Phantasy Star Online 2. The players are now taking the initiative to take care of what the publishers won't.

PSO2 Tweaker allows additional curricular configurations and more for gamers. Phantasy Star Online 2 players are using an loader called PSO2 Tweaker. Into the Japanese servers, this software was the gateway of North American players for many years. For starters, the software manages everything that relates to Phantasy Star Online 2. It does automatic downloads for updates with no Windows Store. It may do images settings unavailable to the launcher.

Arks-Layer also has many support applications created for PSO2. These include ability tree calculators and event trackers for Phantasy Star Online 2. For one, the participant is needed by the Tweaker. Reddit has a step-by-step instruction to help players begin. Phantasy Star Online 2 is free to play and is available for downloading. Can access it.

I haven't played PSO since Phantasy Star Online 2Cube and I was super simple to play this, but after trying to install it... I just totally gave it up. It is really a shame that the launch has become such a technical disaster, since unless they mend it very fast it is going to leave a bad taste in a lot of possible players mouths and probably turn them from it forever. This gives me the most about it. It's nothing more than a NA release although people keep calling it a release that is western. I was actually excited about trying it but not being in NA I'm shit out of luck unless I change my windows area or buy meseta pso2 shop region or anything and I simply refuse to do that out of principle.

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