Why can there be fogging in the insulating glass of doors and windows?

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In recent years, more and more people have chosen to apply aluminum alloy doors plus windows to decorate. Whilst enjoying the quiet as well as comfortable, many friends found out how the glass of the doors and windows at home fogged. How is that going? To understand the issues for its formation and also solutions, we must first understand the manufacturing technique of insulating glass.

The basic manufacturing strategy of double glazed windows consists of glass cleaning, molecular filter screening, butyl sealant finish, splicing, and second plugging adhesive. Every aspect is related to the choice of materials as well as the proficiency and quality of the operators.

Glass cleaning
 Cleaning glass is the 1st step in the production associated with insulating glass and the single most important aspects to guarantee the sealing of insulating glass. If the oil and sweat about the glass cannot be carefully washed away, the adhesion belonging to the sealant to the magnifying glaas is greatly impaired, thereby reducing the sealing effect in the insulating glass.

The manufacturer from the insulating glass manufacturer emphasized which the conditions considered for selecting the desiccant, sealant and spacer are based on the premise that the particular glass is cleaned, and the sealing of the insulating glass would be to a considerable extent if the glass cleaning is clean or not. The cleaning of glass is a main measure of the caliber of the appearance. However, in the current production, many makers, especially small manufacturers, generally pay insufficient attention for you to cleaning glass, resulting in a crowd of unqualified products entering industry.

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