Now Jagex has officially RuneScape gold rolled

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Now Jagex has officially RuneScape gold rolled out the first 5,000 beta invites to players and the Beta is penalized. Jagex has made no statement of official launch plans besides 2018, however a mobile version has been discussed for so long now that I would not place too much stock in almost any dates or timelines at this stage but with just how complete the match seems to be at this point, 2018 seems very reasonable for Old-School Runescape Mobile.

You may still join in the website if you're considering the Beta. Personally as a long-time participant of Runescape, I am super excited for a cellular edition. You can expect complete protection of Runescape Mobile as more information become available.Jagex raising Runescape subscription cost for new playersJagex has declared an upcoming price increase for Old School Runescape that can take effect on June 4th. The increased pricetag will only affect players who have been unsubscribed for at least 14 days, or novices to the game. Anyone now subscribed will probably continue to pay their existing rate.

Within an FAQ about the move the developer mentions several reasons why this price hike is taking place. Ongoing development and support of this game, which can be subscription based and features no in-game microtransactions, is the most important one.We are continuing to invest in RuneScape, and the price increase is 1 part of assuring RuneScape's future for many years to come, the FAQ states. Additionally, economic factors like Brexit and fluctuations in the value of monies meant that we had to review the pricing structure for our matches.

Despite being historical, Old School Runescape has read this post been receive new content and new capabilities. Beta invitations to the iOS version have been sent out to 5000+ players, which will change how they interact with the sport. Jagex suspects 2018 will probably bethe best year yet for Old School Runescape.Can Runescape Mobile mark the budding comeback of this western MMO

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