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Upon finishing the quest, you will be  Maple Story 2 Mesos shown some video footage of the alliance and then you acquire this ability which is located under the Beginner Tab in your Skill Window.MapleStory has released a Potential System which allows your equipment to acquire prospective stats through crafting, scrolling with Potential Scroll and Cubing (uses NxCash for Premium Possible Cubes). But if you do not have NxCash to spend, you can learn crafting (craft gear particularly weapon and armor) to make potential gear.

Potential Stats is far better than ordinary stat as it may give you% percent stat for example +9percent STR. If you're Level 100 Warrior (5 AP x 100 Levels = 500 STR in primary attribute), 500 x 9% yields = 45 STR bonus from just 1 potential gear! Visit MapleStory Potential System Guide for more info!For more information on skill copying, visit Phantom Thief Skill Build Guide. Next, login to both account.

Use the mule (Ghost Theif) to buff up your Principal Character during Training. This will provide you with a simple damage boost. Obviously, it may also help speed up your training provided your Phantom Thief includes Holy Symbol, Maple Warrior, Haste and other great skills.The most heartbreaking thing about switching from a PC into a Macbook is no longer having the ability to play"Maplestory."

You know if you know. However, in case you don't, this article will make up for a childhood parked in the front of a PC.Founded in 2003 by South Korean developer Wizet and released by Nexon (another South Korean gaming firm ), the  buy Maplestory 2 Items MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role playing game) took lovers of online games from storm.According to its new website, the objective of the game is to immerse the player into a fantasy world where each individual embarks in their one-way Maplestory. (At the end it was always magician.)

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