I do not want Jagex investing plenty of time

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Just awaiting graphics tran to be able to reach it." I guarantee no one will vote. Also the graphics must be toggle-able and or clicked at the screen like the old times. If it doesn't hold up RuneScape gold any dev time and it does not force people to use it...there is zero reasons to not want it other than being those people that vote.

I believe it inevitable it will happen, I do not want Jagex investing plenty of time into maintaining and creating it. I would gladly support a customer for it. The issue is that when it is a third-party client, Jadex would not be able to advertise it and make that new player base. The material creators for that, although got. Why can't Jagex advertise a third party customer? Or perhaps have a committed drop connecting to party client sites. Developers can use to have their customers be checked and confirmed.

I like the style of OSRS Remastered. I really don't care if it's an opinion to the OSRS purists/hardcores. Can't wait to see this when it's finished. There are"effective" paths like doing wintertodt to 99 and getting 99 thieving ancient but those items are not that fun and I do not believe the vast majority of normal ironman accounts do them.Imagine thinking that 95%of ironman follow the same cookie cutter guide lmao. As somebody who actually is an ironman and knows other irons, the great majority of ironmen do their own thing, and only reference a manual if they're stuck/bored/need ideas on things to do next -y'understand, like all the other primary accounts out there.

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I can't tell you how much I hate Jagex's OSRS team. The fans do a much better job. I think you got it twisted. Imagine of the shit J-mods have to do from other regions, surveys, and their employer. That is just 1 dude working on something that he is really passionate about and honestly is probably trying really difficult to earn money from it. If jmods must do anything they desired to operate on as a passion RuneScape would be different. But that won't occur. The best developments to osrs was runelite and soon to be this. How they hell does each bounty hunter update get worse? I think the upgrade to RuneScape match was Fossil Island.

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