The Holy Spirit's Energy Maplestory M Mesos which

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The Holy Spirit's Energy Maplestory M Mesos which exponentially increases allies' damage. This course is not intended for anybody, and should you wish that you had more damage, then never play with the Priest class.Rune Blader: (mid range, easy to control and has a crit enthusiast for allies, difficulty: low-mid) A quite easy to play kind of a course.

They had been heavily nerfed in the past, so the MapleStory 2 player amount of the class is extremely low.Wizard: (long selection, very easy to control and has ally fans, difficulty level: mid tier) They are extremely easy to play and control, much easier than the Rune Blader. They've a good deal of long range damage that are very

powerful, and combined with the fact that they have a buff that increases the magic damage of your abilities and your own allies, makes them a really ideal class for most people. Highly recommended.Ranger: (long selection, very large damage and has some crucial damage buffs for allies, difficulty level: low) If you compare this class to

another personality, it will most likely be similar to the Maple story M Mesos Soldier76 in overwatch period 1. They're rather easy to control and play, and they have a constant stream of reliable damage. But they're just way too simple and boring to perform, as even in the event that you have really excellent control, nearly all of your skills are just single

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