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Due to the internet's unparalleled ability to  buy fortnite guns disseminate data, the particulars of how to allow 2FA in Fortnite shouldn't more be a puzzle.'Fortnite' Challenge Guide: How To Attain A Tomato against A Player From 15m Or MoreThe Fortnite Season 6 are live, and there are some interesting ones in the mix. We've got the return of trials, for starters, so check back soon for a full manual on these. But there's one, specifically, that's somewhat different than anything we've seen previously.

It asks you to hit on a player with a tomato out of 15m away, and you might be somewhat confused about the way to do this. Read on for the ideal way to get this struggle.The tomato is a toy comparable to the sport balls which arrived alongside Season 5: you equip it such as the emote, and should you use it from your emote wheel that the player throws a tomato. There, pretty straightforward.

But at first blush this might seem to be a challenge. But read the challenge a bit more closely: it doesn't say to hit on an"opponent" with a tomato, it just says to strike a"player" with a tomato. Meaning that you can complete this challenge with players and not just hostiles.With that knowledge, this challenge becomes significantly simpler but sort of fun, as well. The best place to do it is 50 vs. 50, however squads or even duos would work as well, provided you're communicating with your teammates that you're expecting to get the challenge done.

It's 50 vs. 50 where the intentions of the challenge  fortnite weapons become clear, however: Epic seems to need big tomato fights between a lot of teammates before.So, here's what you will want to do: get to level 28 and unlock a tomato, and then equip it to your emote wheel. Load 50 vs. 50 and look at the map. Hit the floor, do some looting then and if you really feel like it just start throwing tomatoes.

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