Your money is being reinvested in Dofus

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What activities will you be taking to stop using robots? Now, we're seeing fewer and buy Dofus Kamas fewer robots in all of our matches. This shows that we are still continuing with our attempts. Bots farm resources that they sell in-game to create kamas, and these kamas are then sold for real cash. By buying these kamas, you yourself are financing these bots' presence in Dofus! The organizations that run those robots operate like companies, and they respond to every shift, every new action we take, by adapting their behavior to work around our measures -- as their profits depend on it. The evidence of this is that, at this time, you may discover.

When you pay for your subscription or buy things within our store, you know your money is paying for sport development, server and infrastructure maintenance, along with the salaries of the people that are working to provide you the best possible gaming experience. Simply speaking, you are aware that your money is being reinvested in Dofus. On the other hand, when you purchase kamas illegally, you know that part of that money is spent in the development needed to maintain their network of bots, which another component of the money goes to maintaining their site... however, you do not actually understand what the huge majority of your cash is being used for! In other words, by engaging in the prohibited kama trade, not only are you contributing to the proliferation of bots on your sport, you are also funding illegal actions that you know nothing about. That is why we request that you obtain your kamas in the Kama Exchange, rather than illegally from third party websites.

"Who's there?" Said a voice Helgaga did not recognize. "Haha! It is Helgaga! And she is here to give you clowns a fantastic ass-whoopin'!" It was Brendo. Jaspo and peeto instantly flew toward the voice. "Oh, it's only you nice fledglings! My diet has been clearly a fantastic idea!" Brendo's voice faded as she left the tent. A sound was there. And another. And Toota shot Helgaga again, this time propelled by purple flames!"

The Osamodas noticed the dark stare. Single-handedly, she hammered her blade against another, then kicked between the thighs and knocked the two assailants back.

The tent caught fire. It was engulfed in the same bright purple flames that streamed out of the behind of Toota. The Tofu fell and stopped in the air, exhausted, drained, and unconscious. Helgaga rolled to catch her, 1 knee into the ground before the floor was touched by the bird. A militiaman thrust his spear out in a fit of rage, aiming for the heart of the Osamodas. She knocked it aside however, the chance to Cheap Kamas Dofus Retro pierce her right side was taken by the militiaman.

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