Someone come up with a hashtag

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It's pretty funny they found a way of Mut 20 coins to piss off every different type of madden player. By MUT into CF, to only normal head to head players like myself. Madden nfl is crap. Never undergone the best of madden from 2005 as well as up. You don't have any clue. And once you do begin playing with players it becomes a cheeseball festival full of one play and 3 money play offenses. MAKE MADDEN GREAT AGAIN OR PASS THE TORCH TO 2K!!! Someone come up with a hashtag with this shit.

I arrived straight back into Madden with 17. Didn't like it much, so I waited for 19. Same thing. Got 20 and appreciated it. I then have NFL 2K5 and NCAA 14 and APF 2K8. I am done with Madden after 20. I hope Madden enhances, but I no longer care and won't be there to view it. I will just play Madden 07 when I want to play Madden badly enough. My Madden encounter before 17 was so I simply anticipated Madden to be the exact same as it was then. Mut is all EA cares about now. After the manner EA treated Anthem, there's no way in hell they won't continue to neglect Madden too, particularly where it needs fixing.

It's a shame, it seems like most the community feels like that. Suggestions like this are mentioned every year and nothing ever changes. Have they ever needed a decrease year to year? It surely isn't a one. And MUT is Madden nfl changer. Look at GTA/RDR. They won't even give dlc on participant because of the money to us. Same thought here. MUT makes them float in cash, additional to the cash from sales, without any money from franchise. I guess making a match that is much better isn't a motivation that is bigger than more cash.

So you expect me to think the dev team doesn't have any opportunity to enhance Madden nfl because they're too busy updating player photos and characteristics for the cards in ultimate team? Madden nfl hasn't improved since the devs do not work on improving Madden nfl. You notice it as soon as you boot Madden nfl upward it is optimized. You may feel if you do something as simple as going to take a look at rosters the menus are. Of course the people in charge need the key focus to be the money maker but it's time to quit making excuses for improvement that is lackluster.

Whoever is leading the devs is not really coming up with ideas for advancement and. Each year Madden nfl is a copy glued version with a new paint job. The work is performed under the hood and no one has popped open the hood in years. A comparison is appearing at NBA 2k and they figure out how to change game mechanics, add tons of cartoons and 10x the quantity of commentary from broadcasters. If you compare the real sizes of Madden nfl when downloaded. 2K is an 88GB game with just 10 players on court, 20 on the sidelines and 4 to 6 trainers and trainers.

It is because the item is actually cared about by their developers. Does Madden manage to be a 50GB game with 22 players on area, yet another 84 on the sidelines, not to mention coaches trainers and then the crowd? Soccer has staff, more players and fans to buy madden coins. It monitors 2 to 3 times the number of stats than basketball does and NBA 2K is double the file size that Madden is. It's because Madden's programmers are lazy, uninspired, overpaid and worse than what they probably aren't even football fans.

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