Supreme x Nike Air Force 1 x Cactus Jack Coming Soon

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Jordans 2019 Shoes actual basketball shoes AJ11 legendary blue, with light white details embellished with light blue details, the lining and heel shoe handles are contrasted with black, and finally supplemented with an ecstasy light blue transparent crystal outsole, the overall feeling is very fresh It's concise, but the details are well worth savoring.

Supreme x Nike Air Force 1 x Cactus Jack tripartite joint Halloween skeleton white, original shoe development, blessing luminous outsole, excellent effect, hard top layer leather, built-in air cushion. Nike P-6000 retro technology personality sports dad shoes white. Bright level Line design, get rid of the heavy shape, ultra-light shoe body. Shoe box stamp, QC standard certificate, midsole pull help line, distinguish the market first version.

2020 Air Jordans,Jordan lowered the AJ1 spider web silver metal silver. The original shoes were repurchased and re-opened. The model was rejected. The company synchronized the raw materials. All details were restored to 95%, the highest version in the entire network. Authentic, loyal to the original. Nike Strange Story joint pioneer 3M reflective retro low-top casual sneakers white red. The sole is made of original materials, raw rubber wear-resistant and anti-slip, imported canvas 3M fabric, high quality, delicate workmanship.

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