With the standalone RuneScape gold package

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With the standalone RuneScape gold package when you could get a bunch of other stuff with the bundle for  more in the case of the Retaliator and  more in the case of the GladiusAnyway, these ships will also be available to those who did not pledge for them with real life coin. The new REC system mentioned above will enable Runescape players to

earn ingame credits by completing objectives and playing with the Arena Commander mode. After earning enough credits, Runescape players will be able to rent various ingame ships and equipment that are available for up to seven days. It helps give gamers a taste of what's to come.You can learn more about the new REC system, the

new automated and manual landing systems for the ships and details on the new ships available for those who pledge a hefty sum of money by paying a visit to the official website.Runescape Subscription Tokens Are Almost Here. Blizzard announced earlier this month that Runescape players will soon be able to avoid paying a

monthly subscription by instead spending a new OSRS Gold ingame currency called Tokens. Today they revealed when they plan to release this feature."We?ll begin rolling out the Runescape Token in the weeks following Patch s release, starting with the Americas game region including realms serving North America, Oceania, and Latin America

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