PSO2 NA has many monthly costs

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I am convinced whales will keep it afloat but meseta pso2 these population will be down a long time. The first impression of the cash shop (even the home page pso2.com that all recent news posts just mention something cash shop related) will most likely sour a typical Phantasy Star Online 2 players understanding of exactly what Phantasy Star Online 2 is like. Regardless of how"honest" all of the systems are it all boils down to. The money shop makes Phantasy Star Online 2 look like phone game garbage. There's a cute and naive npc that pops up and"worries" you to get items if you open the AC shop.

Perhaps Phantasy Star Online 2 has many prices since you are deciding to spend an unreasonable amount of money. Material storage is the one thing that feels essential to make Phantasy Star Online 2 perform easily I would predict a monthly price. Stuff like AC scratch tickets and the complete superior service are totally extra options that aren't required to play with Phantasy Star Online 2. No one is making each week, you buy a bunch of makeup. You can make a great deal of celebrity gems in game assignment pass gold has been pretty easy for me to buy for free up to now. I wish material storage were cheaper (or free) so I can agree with that much at least.

I might encounter as a clown that is massive here, but it's extremely subjective. I also make smart financial decisions in your day to day life and do not doubt you have a great income, but I have spent more than quadruple what you have and I still don't feel as the prices themselves are very steep? The premium/pay for convenience storage area is a very minimum fee compared to the simple fact that I've probably only spent somewhere in the range of $600 alone for scratch tickets just because it's entertaining and I am able to dispose of the income....

The number of fanboy whales in this thread is insane. That is precisely my position. Thankfully I'm in a fiscal position its pretty negligible but for most it may not me.The issue is that you framed your argument incorrect. You say all these things (like scratch tickets, you said it in your post) are necessary. They are not. You don't mention that with it you get a lot of these other items by buying premium, because of the SG. That being said, like most micro trade MMOs, the majority of them are decorative. You didn't create a strong point.

I am not sure what you are referring to with"Restricted time SG store", and aside from the Mission Gold Pass them all sound just like the Japanese version. Also not to say that a few of them aren't necessary or monthly. Mags and Inventory expansions aren't leased, so that they would not be a"monthly fee" as they're a one-time purchase and there's a limit on how many you can use per character. Scratch is not even a necessity. It's cosmetics. These are purchases you're making and can live without. This boils your list down to Premium, Mission Pass, and Material Storage. I can not talk to pso2 sales your Mission Pass, however, Premium is without.

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