2020 Nike SB Dunk Low ST.JHONS White Red

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Nike SB Dunk Low ST.JHONS White Red the original intention is actually a pair of good-fitting basketball shoes. In terms of design, Dunk is based on the Air jordan1 generation design prototype, so they all have excellent grip performance and The sense of venue ensures that the excellent players can move lightly and steadily on the field, so the performance is also not picky. The soft and comfortable outsole of the foot can effectively absorb the impact of extreme sports such as skateboards when they land, and it is a street sport Provide better protection.

New Yeezy Boost 2020 head fairy crane white color Swiss animal beast crane auspicious shell head classic wild casual sports shoes Adidas Superstar II "Chinese New Year" leather. The upper has Chinese cranes, koi and tiger patterns on watercolor elements of Chinese painting. It is limited to the special edition of the Year of the Rat in 2020. I chose the classic shell-toe shoe type, erased the three bars on the side, and made a fuss on the shoe body with the strokes of Chinese style ink. The side is printed with patterns such as cranes and carps, full of Chinese style.

New Jordan ,The 36th generation of the Nike men’s lunar landing on the black Nike Nike Pegasus 36 Turbo 36th generation of the moon landing pinhole breathable cushioning fast running shoes. The difference in market workmanship, please pay attention to the exterior version of the Nike LOGO stitching market. The paint color is too white and the stitching is uneven. Welcome to compare the shoes. Converse Converse 70s x YOHO exclusive don't limit the coming season, Converse and YOHO launched the don't-note yellow, blue and green color matching, and the tongue is imported moose leather, which exudes a retro flavor. The "eye-catching role" on the street is locked, and it is very suitable for autumn (with three-color shoelaces).

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